Personalized female service is key for proper fit and comfort.
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Radiant Impressions Breast Prosthesis

Female Staff Specialists for Silicone Breast Replacement

Silicone Limb Replacement

Each specially designed silicone limb is detailed down to the cuticle! Skintone, musculature, hair, and nails - each device (fingers(s), foot, hand or arm) is hand painted by the artist to be remarkably life-like. They are most often held onto the body by a combination of suction suspension and silicone adhesion.

Pediatric Orthotics

Our Pediatric Specialists are highly competent, caring and professional. We can design and fabricate a variety of orthotic devices for children to meet the special needs of a child, from the simple orthotic to the most complex prosthetic. Devices include upper limb, lower limb, and spinal orthotics, allowing provisions for the child's growth whenever possible. We utilize the DAFO System for children's lower limb orthotics unless contraindicated or inappropriate.

Five year old Mary is being prepped for a cast impression of her leg. From this mold we will fabricate a corrective pediatric plastic brace (orthosis) to facilitate improved ambulation and overall function. The DAFO type orthosis prescribed will immediately and subsequently control and reduce the moderate hypertonicity present in the foot and ankle.

Our well-trained and caring female staff provides the Radiant Impressions custom silicone breast prostheses. Custom silicone breast replacement empowers a woman to take part in activities like swimming, tennis and golf. These lightweight silicone prosthetic breast replacement devices are available in 21 skin tones for proper matching. Mold impressions are taken to create a mirror-image design of the existing breast.

Radiant Impressions can also create attractive and appropriately designed prostheses for bilateral mastectomy cases. Our professionals understand the needs of their clients requiring this specialized service. The patient's comfort, support and privacy are assured.

Additional Specialties
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