Garden State Orthopaedic Center began prosthetics and orthotics operations in 1976 in Oakland, New Jersey. Lou Haberman was, and remains, the founder and entrepreneur of the practice. After eight years of continued growth, Haberman established an additional practice in Morristown, New Jersey. Both facilities are fully functional clinical offices with on-site laboratories for the design and manufacture of complex prosthetic and orthopedic devices for adults and children.

Devices we manufacture, fit and adjust include: above knee prosthesis, below knee prosthesis, silicone liners for the amputee, artificial arms & legs, silicone cosmetic limb replacement (fingers, foot, hand, arm, and breast), athletic running legs, scoliosis brace, pediatric orthotics and prosthetics for amputee children, and more.

Award winning practitioners staff our laboratories which are among the most sophisticated and well-equipped in the nation. Since the design and fitting of an orthotic brace and/or amputee prosthetic is as much an art as a science, our practice is staffed with top-notch professionals that are cross-trained in many disciplines including mechanical engineering, art, sculpture, tool-making, mold-making, photography and machining.

This multi-disciplinary approach has earned Garden State Orthopaedic a stellar reputation for cutting-edge prosthetic and orthopedic design, personal service and innovative problem-solving for all our patients, children and adults. We vigorously support and participate in Continuing Education Programs in Orthotics and Prosthetics and other related professions. We are fully accredited and competent to fit or supply almost any manufactured or custom device to ensure the best possible outcome. Our two locations provide for convenient access from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and beyond.

Centers of Excellence for Exceptional People

32 Years of Service

Six year old Elizabeth, a pediatric congenital shoulder disarticulation amputee, is fitted for and receives her new silicone-lined prosthesis. The flexible plastic and proprietary silicone materials in this prosthesis conform to the torso and allow for several years of growth before replacement is required. The child has never experienced skin irritation by its use. A restorative shoulder shape was sculpted in clay, during the fitting, to match the other shoulder.

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